Maximus Communications



Media Relations

Longstanding relationships with top tier editors are the foundation of our agency. Our media relations are highly strategic and selective, as we create targeted media lists, press releases and outreach concepts for our clients. We are the daily advocates of our brands, sharing their initiatives and unique stories with care and passion.

PR Strategy

At the core of every successful PR tactic is a solid strategy. We pride ourselves on our custom strategies that push boundaries and think outside the box. Our 360-degree approach strategizes from every angle—public relations, marketing, audience growth, and social media engagement—while adhering to the client’s identity and ethos.

Influencer Campaigns

Instant growth, sales and brand awareness—the power of an A-list endorsement. Our influencer outreaches engage like-minded tastemakers to garner brand loyalty, audience and attention for your product or initiative.


Our agency carefully researches and identifies on-brand partnership opportunities for our clients. Local, national and international events each have their own unique benefits and we work diligently to ensure our brands are represented at high-level events.

Social Media Management

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter…so many platforms and managing them all can feel like a full-time endeavor. Our social media experts will create a custom strategy and content for your social presence to effectively engage with your online audiences.

Event Planning

Our agency’s creative events leave a lasting mark on our guests. From press day concepts, to product launches and fashion week parties, our brands’ identities are showcased at every touchpoint. Our well-attended and buzzed about events are frequently featured in the media, earning additional recognition for our clients.


We want you to be proud of the buzz and attention you’ve garnered throughout the industry. You’ll receive a coverage update every time press is secured. A press book will be sent to you at the end of the month, along with a report including media impressions, opportunities and press clips to measure the success of our efforts.

Brand Building

If your brand messaging and image is in need of refinement, our copywriters and graphic designers will inject new energy into your messaging, website and aesthetic. Our collaborative process guarantees that you’ll be involved in each step of the process, allowing for an organic evolution of your brand.

PR consulting projects are also available upon request. To receive a consultation, please click here to send our office a message.