Artist Dan Lam, known for her dripping, oozing sculptures in vibrant color, once again captivates viewers with her fourth solo exhibition, Cosmic Shake. The show is hosted at the esteemed Chefas Projects, and marks her fourth solo exhibition at the Portland gallery. With this latest collection, Dan has pushed the boundaries of her artistic expression, exploring new shapes and textures, and introducing a bold visual language that takes her work to new heights.dan lam cosmic shakeexhibition view, Dan Lam Studio | image © Mario Gallucci for Chefas Projects


Cosmic Shake showcases the diversity of Dan Lam’s sculptural works, with their spikes and wiggles, edges and curved profiles. Each sculpture in the exhibition exudes an oozing quality, drawing viewers into a world of vibrant colors, organic forms, and diverse, dripping textures. By exploring new shapes and experimenting with various forms, Dan has created an expansive body of visually evocative work.

Through this exhibition, I am delving into my complete visual vocabulary while also enhancing it,’ says the artist. ‘I am introducing new textures to familiar shapes and exploring established textures on fresh shapes. This exhibition provides me with the opportunity to express my artistic language fully, which I haven’t been able to do before. My aim is to continuously push the limits of my creativity and explore the endless possibilities.’

dan lam cosmic shakeexhibition view © Dan Lam Studio


In Cosmic Shake, Dan Lam introduces a refreshing new visual language that is bold, dynamic, and full of energy. Her sculptures seem to defy gravity, with intricate details and vibrant colors that create a sense of movement and fluidity. By incorporating elements of nature and otherworldly aesthetics, she transports viewers to a fascinating new realm.

Dan Lam walks the line between numerous dichotomies to uncover new modes of expression,’ continues gallery owner Stepanie Chefas. ‘By navigating the realm between attraction and repulsion, motion and stillness, seriousness and playfulness, softness and hardness, Lam wields magic power over each idiosyncratic vision. The experimentation remains palpable, but the work is never so abstract as to disengage. Compelled by these seemingly disparate juxtapositions, the viewer is overcome with a range of complex emotions and creative ideas.’

dan lam cosmic shakeexhibition view © Dan Lam Studiodan lam cosmic shakeAurora, image © Dan Lam Studio dan lam cosmic shakeSynchronous Rotation, image © Dan Lam Studio