Jan Kaláb and Katrin Fridriks Present Their First Collaborative Exhibition at BC Gallery


Jan Kaláb and Katrin Fridriks Present Their First Collaborative Exhibition at BC Gallery

Now on view at the BC Gallery in Basel, Switzerland is a collaborative exhibition between Czech visual artist Jan Kaláb and Icelandic abstract painter, Katrin Fridriks. Entitled “The Perfect Storm,” the exhibition houses a refreshing collection of paintings that amalgamates both artists’ unique artistic qualities and vision, resulting in a body of exhilarating pieces that evoke sensory stimulations.

Speaking on this collaboration, Kaláb explains that “The significant similarities and clashes of our works made us think it could be an interesting match. In the beginning, we thought we would do just one or two collaborative paintings for this show, but this turned into a creative storm, and we ended up building the whole show out with more than twenty collaborative paintings.”

The creative process for all the artworks featured in “The Perfect Storm” involved shipping the pieces back and forth between Kaláb’s Prague-based studio, and Fridriks’ studio in the south of France. “It was an absolute pleasure to work on Katrin’s splash paintings to create new depths in her spontaneous abstract figures, and to elaborate her lines in my compositions. This project took us completely out of our comfort zones – challenging us immensely, and it was super fun. The results are beyond our expectations,” adds Kaláb.

Take a look around the exhibition space, including some of the highlighted artworks above. “The Perfect Storm” will be on view at BC Gallery in Basel until September 16, 2023. For more information, visit BC Gallery’s official website.

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